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Protect Yourself


Cyber Security is Everyone's Job!

Every day we hear of massive attacks at large organizations, leading many people to believe they are too small to be targets. NOT TRUE! We are all under attack. 90% of attacks are against firms with less than 1000 employees, 35% of breaches are against firms with less than 100 employees, and 90% of them are caused by human error or carelessness. The good news is that criminals aim at easy targets and there are things we can to make ourselves "harder" targets. Below a short list on how you can help protect yourself.

17 Things you can do at work and home to protect yourself and your company.

  1. Backup your data!  Use encryption with confidential data on laptops
  2. Change your passwords, make them strong, unique, private, use Last Pass
  3. Keep Anti-Virus, Operating System, Flash & Java up to date. 
  4. Configure Anti-Virus to scan anything plugged in to your computer.
  5. Lock or logoff your computer
  6. Never e-mail work products to your personal email account
  7. Never use Flash Drives you “found” or ones given to you.  Buy and use brand names only
  8. Smartphones: Beware of the apps you use. Delete the ones you don't.
  9. Smartphones: Use biometric & strong passwords. Wipe before discarding them.
  10. Never use public USB charging stations - Always use your own charger.
  11. Beware of phone scams – “I’m from the Help Desk, Microsoft, the IRS, your bank….”
  12. Always convert sensitive files to PDF before sending them to strip out metadata. 
  13. Only use secure portals (https://) when transmitting personal information. 
  14. Never use “free” music/video sharing sites
  15. Protect your wireless networks with passwords.
  16. Beware of unsolicited links or attachments. Never open a link or attachment unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is safe. Report anything that is suspicious – DO NOT CLICK ON IT!
  17. Check your bank accounts daily / credit cards at least monthly, Freeze your credit reports